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Feder Joseph
Fed-Man Real Estate, LLC
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Dallas, GA 30157

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I have always been interested in healthcare and investing in real estate for as long as I can remember. I started my healthcare career right after high school by becoming an EMT. After doing that for a while, I realized that I could not do this forever; so I left college for a bit and went to school for nuclear medicine and became a specialist in nuclear medicine technology. After a year or two, I went back to college and receive a bachelors degree in health care administration and radiological sciences. I then applied and started graduate school and received my Master, MBA in business management with a minor in marketing. This allowed me to gain knowledge on how businesses worked; even a business like a hospital business. Because I already worked in a hospital, it was an easy transition through hard work and determination to land a role as an administrator of a 265 bed hospital, a role and position that I really enjoyed. I worked with patients, directors, administrators and still stayed connected to the staff of the hospital. I was the Administrative Director for Administration, whose role took me through, Negotiations, Assisting the direction of HR, Guest Services, Operations, Directing Nuclear Medicine, Valet, and multiple Departments. I also received training from GE to become and get certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt, who are specialist in process change using statistical analysis to put it plainly. After a difficult birth of my second child, it was time for a change. Through prayer and speaking with my spiritual father, I decided to move my family to GA and take on making money while working for myself. I thought, after all, if I can save a hospital millions and lend to their success, surely I can do it for myself. After talking it over with my wife, and a friend, I decided to go to school for Real Estate so I can learn how to invest for myself. After taken classes, not surprising to me, it was very interesting, thus I decided to go full time as a Realtor helping people help themselves. After almost 3 years as a Realtor and some months as and Associate Broker, I ventured out on my own to its fullest extent and opened up Fed-Man Real Estate, LLC (my own Brokerage). I once heard that in business, as in life, you sometimes have to take chances. I believed it, so why not live it. I have embarked on doing more for my clients and show myself approved by working hard, working smarter, and staying educated through this ever changing real estate climate. It’s all about faith I believe. I know that the Lord Jesus has placed me on this path. I have been taught how to deal with people, manage time, organize, make decisions that others are afraid to make and many many more. All, I believe to glorify God in my representation of him in this earth. I have a wife that I love with all my heart; she is supportive and makes me feel good about myself when I am with her. I have two young girls who are my gifts from God. In short or not so short I love life and what I do, and am glad that I have the opportunity to help people. I truly believe in what I say to all: Real Estate.... It's not about houses, It's about people. Their needs, Their wants, Their concerns. I'm just happy I can be a part of it..

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Atlanta is the new place to be!! Multigenerational
$1,050,000.00 US
Atlanta, GA United States
Listing ID: 22877
5 Bedrooms, 3 Baths
3 Square Ft.
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